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10 Tips for a Better Night’s Rest

Trying to get a better nights’ rest? Try some (or all!) of these 10 tips to help you get a good night sleep!

  1. Designate your bedroom for sleep. Use your bedroom for relaxing activities so your body associates your room as a calming space.

  2. Cut Caffeine Out of Your Afternoon. Studies have shown that caffeine can remain in your system and disrupt your sleep up to 10 hours after consumption. Try to limit your intake to the morning or early afternoon.

  3. Exercise. Research shows that working out improves sleep quality.

  4. Make Sure Your Mattress is Comfortable. Choose a mattress that is right for your body. And make sure to get a new mattress every 5 to 10 years.

  5. Get the Right Pillow. Make sure to get a pillow that helps support your head and neck into a comfortable, neutral position.

  6. Decorate Your Space with Neutral Colors. When decorating your bedroom, try to choose a soothing color palette. Stay away from busy prints look more towards basic designs to create a relaxing space.

  7. Manage the Temperature. A temperature around 67 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for optimum sleep, studies have shown.

  8. Cover Your Windows. Adding light-blocking curtains to your windows allow you to block light so you wake up on your schedule, not with what time the sun shines into room.

  9. Create a Bedtime Routine. Making a consistent schedule of things you do before bed can ready your body for sleep. It’s even better if it includes relaxing activities, like listening to music or reading a book.

  10. Be consistent. Creating a consistent schedule for when you go to bed and wake up helps you create a better, more constant sleep pattern.

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